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Firefox Top Extension for Keepvid

Now Keepvid have a new firefox extension for easy and fast video downloading for users. Instructions for installation are given below.

  • Click here to install this extension on your Firefox browser
  • Play any website videos on your Firefox browser
  • Now Click on our extension Keepvid 'KV' icon in your browser's top right corner
  • Click Download button for the required video format from keepvid page
Click here for more details

Keepvid Video Player Extension

Keepvid java script now supports with GreaseMonkey Firefox extension. See below on How to install and use it.

  • Click here to install GreaseMonkey extension on your Firefox browser
  • Click here to download and open our keepvid Java Script file
  • Press 'Ctrl + A' to select and copy all codes from our keepvid java script file
  • Now click 'New user script...' in GreaseMonkey's menu
  • Click 'Unnamed Script' and select edit
  • Now paste keepvid java script and click save icon in top left corner
  • Play any website videos in your Firefox browser now
  • Now click keepvid 'KV' icon which appear either top or bottom on your video players
  • Click Download button for the required video format from keepvid page
Click here for more details

KeepVid Ideas about Video Download Solutions


Online Keepvid video downloader is always free

Keepvid is a very popular video downloader that allows you to simply copy and paste URL to download free video from any video sharing websites.


Download heavy video files fast & easily using keepvid

Keepvid Video Downloader downloads All video formats such as MP4, WebM, 3GP, Flash FLV, etc... It will show you a file format before saving the file.


Capturing streaming videos fastly and generate download links using keepvid

Keepvid downloader increase download speeds by up to 500% or even more. It has fasted Download 4K, 2K, HD 1080p, 720p videos and Audio, Images files from websites.

KeepVid - Video downloader for Free


Keepvid websites and extensions help you download video with safe.

The latest tests indicate that Keepvid video downloader contains no malicious software and shows no signs of phishing. This downloader can keep your videos safe.


Keepvid Download videos from 10000+ of video sharing sites

10000+ sites are now supported by Keepvid to download video or audio. Let all streaming videos on any video sharing websites be your personal resources.


Keepvid is the free unlimited video downloading web application

Download all latest and your favourite videos, audio from any devices with unlimited downloading speed with the help of keepvid video downloader.

High Quality & Preimium Videos downloader Keepvid


Download High Quality (HD) format videos from Keepvid video downloader

We support many formats High Quality (HD) Videos and Audios for download along with a wide choice of file formats, with sample rates as high as 4K, 2K, 1080HD, 720HD.


No additional software required to start downloading

You can use Keepvid to download videos from many other popular streaming sites. you can easily and quickly download videos free without installing any software.


Keepvid Compatible with Desktop, Laptop and any mobile device

It's a good choice for many users. Keepvid video downloader and converter Compatible with all regular portable devices like iPhone, iPod, Zune, Walkman, etc.

Feedback's for KeepVid


Keepvid's Pros

More than 90% video fans download videos from Keepvid video downloader. Why we like keepvid? See below for some valuable users feedback.

  • Our web application and extensions are completely free to use our visitors.
  • No software installation is required to download videos from streaming sites.
  • Our Keepvid extension are very useful to download videos from any steaming video pages.
  • Its very easy to use, just copy the video url and paste in our download box and click download button.
  • Keepvid have no popup Ads shown in home pages. Ads only shown in Download page.
  • It works very fast to download videos from any sites.
  • All format videos and largest video, audio files downloads are easy and safe.
  • Our webpage are using very simple coding to loading fast.
  • Keepvid now supports all computers, laptops and any mobile devices.
  • Keepvid have a browser extension which save your time.

Keepvid's Cons

Less than 10% video fans hates download from Keepvid video downloader. Why we dislike keepvid? See below for some valuable users feedback.

  • We are using PopAds but its shows only on download page. It's some time irritating.
  • Youtube video downloader supports all type of videos but new update from youtube allows 4K, 2K, 1080 HD with videos only without audio. We can only join mp3 separately. This speciality not available in keepvid.
  • Youtube have an audio file format 'webm'. First download this format then only you can convert to mp3 but this coverting options also not available in our keepvid web application.
  • Some sites require proxy IP to download so, it may be slower then usual depending on our server load.
  • Keepvid already support 10000+ websites but our video lovers expect even more websites to get supported.
  • Our web application have no video converter available, people are asking us to include video converter.
  • People also expect Keepvid Android and IOS Application. but, we are unable to provide this application.

We take visitors feedback seriously to solve these issues but, it requires renting more top-end servers and hiring application developers which is expensive. With our current revenue we are barely able to maintain this server. If people are interested in improving keepvid without above issues can make a donation by clicking here.


Keepvid Video Downloader is a completely free web service that allows you to download files such as MP3, MP4 and other formats from multiple streaming websites. Since these videos, audios and images are downloaded using a high-performance cloud server, you don't need to install any software. We have an extension helper which is much better than any other software or extension helper on a regular computer. Also supports on mobile phones like android phones.